Live Scores for all levels of the game…

Liveboards bring a new live score experience to the world of Tennis...

Easy to use

Players set the score on the Liveboard like with a "normal" scoreboard.


Brand the Liveboards according to your wishes.

Automatic Score Updates

Liveboards send scores automatically to the internet.

Sponsor logos

Display your sponsor’s logos on top of the scores.


Integrate your Live Score Website easily into your club's website.

Live Scores on all devices

Live Score Websites work on all devices.

Player's names

You can enter player or team names through our handy admin site.


In case something is not working our support will immediately take care of.

Liveboards - Looking great on your courts

You can brand the Liveboards with your colours and logos. Liveboards look great on your courts, are water resistant and have a long life time. They send scores to the Internet via a SIM card - there is no need for WiFi on the courts. Liveboards have a battery and there is no need for electricity on the court.

Liveboard with Sponsor Logo
Liveboard on the court
Liveboard Green
Liveboard on the court


Using Liveboards will bring you benefits.

Players & Teams

Players playing tournaments and teams competing in competitions love to promote their scores live online! Give their families, friends, coaches and other teams the opportunity to follow their matches.

Tournament Management

Know the score of each court all the time and make maximum use of free courts.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Give your sponsors a great offline and online advertisement opportunity. Create a revenue stream that will cover the costs for the boards.

It always works

As long as you have an active subscription, we guarantee that your Liveboards are working and exchange them if something is not.

Price Plans

Our price plans depend on your number of courts. Contact us today to receive more information.

Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

How does the Liveboard work?

The Liveboard has a chip which connects to either a mobile or WiFi network. The chip detects the score and sends it to the internet. The scores are then visualized on the corresponding Live Score website.

What happen's if there is a technical problem?

We make sure that your Liveboards are always working. If there is a technical problem with your Liveboard you just get in touch with us (via email or phone). We will try to fix the problem and if that is not possible, we will provide you with a new Liveboard within one week.

Can I create an individual design for my Liveboards?

Yes! In fact this is one of the great things about Liveboards. You can choose your colours and place the logo(s) of your club, school or sponsors in the advertisement area.

Can I use sponsorships to make money?

Yes, many of our customers use sponsorships to refinance the costs of the subscription of their Liveboards. Beside the presentation of your sponsor’s logo on the Liveboard, it will be online on the Live Score website (where it can be linked to a website, promotion or a web shop). This gives sponsors a much higher exposure than with “normal” banners on the court.

Can I also have name tags for players for my Liveboards?

Yes, name tags are an add-on option.

Is it difficult to enter players' names in the Live Score Website?

This is very simple. You just hit the “edit names” button on your Live Score Website and enter your password. You can then type in the names of the players for each court. If there are no names entered, the website will show “HOME” and “GUEST”.

Getting Started

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